Spring – Allergies and Irritation

Many of us look forward to Spring as it marks the change of season, clear blue skies, and brightly coloured blossoms on trees and plants. However, for less fortunate individuals, Spring is the time of the year where skin sensitivities, runny noses, itchy and puffy red eyes most commonly occur – this is a classic representation of Spring allergies.

In Spring airborne allergens, such as pollens released by plants, stimulate the body to release neurotransmitter chemicals called histamines which initiates dilation of blood vessels and leads to inflammation associated symptoms. Higher levels of histamine release can be central in the skins reactivity and can even trigger eczema and itchy, sensitive skin. The thin skin surrounding the eye and the cheeks are most effected.

As part of a Spring skin allergy prevention plan you should consider a skin care program that can actively target skin inflammation, irritation, redness and sensitivity. Skin care ingredients that help to repair and support skin barrier function are ideal as this protects the skin from environmental allergens. Look for Alpha-bisabolol, Green Tea, Calendula and Chamomile. Skin friendly lipids such as Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Shea butter help to prevent trans-epidermal water loss and fortify skin barrier resistance. Some more advanced ingredients extracted from plant seeds, such Indinyl from Cassia angustifolia, provides a natural bio-film to shield the skin and act a semi-permeable membrane.

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