The c2skin philosophy is to provide naturally derived skincare solutions containing clinically proven premium quality ingredients to help you maintain your skin’s wellbeing. This is achieved through extensive research and development, collaboration with skincare specialists and the belief that you cannot compromise on the quality of the ingredients used in skincare.

Complex8 moisturisers by c2skin integrate the very best of science and nature without the use of unnecessary inexpensive fillers or known irritating chemicals.
To ensure the highest level of quality control, c2skin is committed to manufacturing its formulations here in Australia under strict guidelines, meeting both national and international certified manufacturing standards. The c2skin ethos embraces corporate transparency and as such each and every skincare ingredient is clearly listed.

Dermatologically tested and PET tested, even though these tests are not a requirement by law in Australia, you can be confident that c2skin moisturisers are suitable for sensitive skins and deliver safe long-term stability.

The c2skin business ethic includes the extensive testing of its formulations
This is fundamentally beneficial to you

Our Founders

c2skin-16-250px Christina Billington was born in Greece and raised in Melbourne. Her parents immigrated to Australia in 1969.

Christina enjoyed attending university and was elected student representative on both University Council and the Academic Board. She worked at BHP Steel and Telstra but found her niche at The Herald Sun Newspaper, working in the early general news advertising department. Her portfolio included the AFL, Melbourne Storm, Collingwood Football Club and the Melbourne Cricket Club. Christina’s commitment and dedication to customer service earned her a number of awards and trophies including the largest award attainable, the Advertising Account Executive of the Year trophy.

Whilst at the Herald Sun, Christina became passionate about volunteering her time on The Good Friday Appeal and The Williamstown Hospital Fundraising Committee.

At the age of 40, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer and began the complex journey of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“It was such a shock. There was no family history of breast cancer. My sister in law had also been diagnosed with breast cancer just one month earlier.”

She had to undergo six weeks of daily radiation therapy. At the initial consultation, Christina was told about the side-effects of the treatment. The radiation oncologist used the words “Similar to sunburn”.

“At the time of radiation therapy I wanted to use a naturally derived moisturiser on my skin. However, every moisturiser I selected from Health Food Stores was deemed inappropriate by the radiation therapy oncology nurse as they were oil based. By week 4, my skin was inflamed and painful to the touch. I describe my personal experience as having extreme sunburn and I also experienced breakage to the skin. I was told that other people suffered much worse side-effects with blistering, weeping and infection.”

During treatment Christina mentioned her frustrations to Christopher. That there was a lack of suitable naturally derived moisturisers to soothe and hydrate the skin whilst undergoing radiation therapy. At the time, Christopher was working for a world renowned plastic surgeon. He had extensive knowledge and experience with skin conditions, and understood why certain ingredients in skincare can further impact the skin barrier or accelerate skin sensitivity and long term damage whilst undergoing radiation therapy.

It was at this time c2skin and the Complex8 range was founded.
Christina is passionate about the Complex8 range. The research and development phase of the serum and spray formulations was extensive as was the study on its suitability for sensitive skin. Complex8 only contains premium ingredients sourced on a global scale and carefully selected for their properties and ability to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin. The serum and spray do not contain harsh chemicals or unnecessary fillers. They have been dermatologically tested and are suitable for the most sensitive of skins. c2skin is Australian made, owned and manufactured.

“It pleases me immensely to know that people now have the option of using a naturally derived moisturiser, specifically formulated to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin, over synthetic barrier creams.

The skincare is relevant across multiple platforms and address everyday skin conditions such as inflammation, dryness, sensitivity and redness. ”

Christina’s other loves include her son Alan and her family. She is a firm supporter of BCNA and Unicef. She has volunteered and contributed her time, personal information and DNA with her involvement in two breast cancer studies for Melbourne University and Monash University. She participates in the Mother’s Day Classic and Relay for Life, particularly since losing her much loved sister in law and friend, Helen Apostolou, in her brave battle against breast cancer in February 2013.