Does flying and cabin pressure dehydrate you?

We all long for that holiday to help us unwind and de-stress. But what happens to our skin and its vitality during a flight? Research shows that during a 7 hour flight we lose about half a litre of water. Now just imagine how much water we lose during a long haul flight. The majority of this dehydration occurs through our skin as trans-epidermal water loss. Hydrating your skin is simplified by using COMPLEX8 moisturising spray. This easy to use hydrating elixir containing premium ingredients from Switzerland, France and Australia comes in a 50ml airless spray bottle and is handy in your carry on bag. It may be used many times throughout your flight journey to help keep your skin hydrated. Make it one of your essential go to items to effortlessly boost your skin’s hydration levels without the need to touch your skin.



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