This ultra-refined botanical elixir is derived from the cactus Opuntia Ficus-Indica, also known as prickly pear or Indian Fig. Like other cactuses, Opuntia has adapted to extreme environmental conditions and solar radiation by the phyto-protective qualities of flavonoids that trap detrimental free radicals generated by ultra violet light. In addition to flavonoids, Opuntia also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is also a rich source of pisidic acid, which prevents the formation of damaging free radicals during UV exposure.

The use of Opuntia Ficus-Indica as a medicine dates back to the Aztecs (900-1521 AD) who revered it as a sacred plant. The Aztecs extracted the cactus sap from Opuntia Ficus-Indica and used it to make an ointment to treat burns.


•Soothes and calms irritated skin by blocking the release of stress markers from sensory nerve cells
•Hydrates the skin deeply with a long lasting effect due to its water attracting and holding capacity
•Protects against environmental stressors
•Firms and plumps the skin

Cells and tissues communicate with each other via mediators (biological messages) enabling them to maintain homeostasis or to react to cellular signals. Cytokines, similar to mediators, are polypeptides (amino acid chains) involved in intercellular communication and are essential for healthy skin function. Cytokines are secreted by epidermal and dermal skin cells, and are involved in various physiological mechanisms such as: healing and repair, inflammation, defence against infectious agents or environmental attacks and regulation of cellular differentiation. This delicate equilibrium remains in balance due to Cytokinol – a unique concentrated complex of peptides and one specific amino acid.

Cytokinol acts on both the epidermal and dermal skin layers. In the epidermis Cytokinol stimulates epidermal keratinocyte (surface skin cell) activity, improving cellular differentiation and keratinisation. In the deeper skin layer Cytokinol stimulates fibroblast (collagen and elastin cell) activity strengthening the dermal extra cellular matrix, as a result reinforcing the integrity of the skin.


•Anti-redness effect after UV irridation (Clinical Study)
•Anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting Interleukin 1a
•Stimulates epidermal cell migration and proliferation
•Improves surface skin texture
•Stimulates fibroblast growth and dermal structure
•Strengthens collagen
•Energises stressed and aged skin

An active ingredient extracted and purified from the seeds of Cassia angustifolia, a renewing exotic botanical leguminous plant. This botanical extract is a hyaluronic acid polysaccharide substitute and can be considered equivalent due to its branched structure and incredibly high water binding properties. Polysaccharides are important in controlling the permeability of cellular membranes, participating in intercellular relationships and maintaining amino acids in a biologically active state. Polysaccharides also participate in cellular communication and immune protein recognition.


•Protects the epidermis
•Improves skin moisture levels
•Indinyl softens skin due to its excellent emollient properties
•Repairs: sensitive skin, rough skin, dry skin, skin lacking comfort
•Bio-supporting and bio-film forming