7 Skincare tips for Winter

It isn’t surprising that many people experience dry and flaky skin during winter. A vast number of people become a little complacent about themselves during what they consider to be a period of hibernation due to the onset of cold weather. Frequently people wait until Spring to start looking after their skin, however it should be a daily requirement, just as brushing your teeth is something you do twice daily. A healthy skin barrier protects you from negative environmental influences so it’s imperative you give your skin the time and care it requires to function properly all year round.

There are some simple ways for us to look after our skin during winter.

  1. Increase Omega 3. Consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may lead to smoother, younger-looking skin with a visible reduction in inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. These fats are especially abundant in cold water fatty fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, and black cod.
  2. Switch to a richer moisturiser. As the heating is turned to high at home, in the office and in the car, many people experience dry, flaky skin and a flare up of skin conditions and sensitivity. It’s definitely time to switch to a richer moisturiser that is suitable for the most sensitive of skins and delivers intense hydration. COMPLEX8 moisturisers are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Indinyl provide intense hydration at the cellular level.
  3. Continue to wear sunblock. UVA radiation is always present and can penetrate clouds, glass, and into the deep layers of the skin. UVA damages these skin layers, resulting in premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer. UVB rays vary in intensity and season, and are greater on sunny days during the summer. Unlike UVA, UVB damages the superficial layers of the skin, resulting in sunburn and skin cancer. UVA rays are present all year therefore your skin needs year round protection.
  4. Take care of your lips.With the cold, dry winter season, the presence of chapped lips increases. Your lips don’t have oil glands, so they’re almost always exposed to the elements. Exposure to sun, wind, and cold, dry air can contribute to chapped lips. People have chapped lips throughout the year, but it can get much worse during winter months. The dry air indoors and outside windy weather contributes to dry, chapped lips. Apply lip balm daily, especially at night, when you start to experience dry lips. The lip balm should have a sunscreen, year-round, even in the winter when you feel like there may not be that much sunlight. This will help to protect your lips from the sun and burning. Some people get irritated by products that have a lot of additives. Common irritants are eucalyptus oil, camphor and menthol. Be cautious of using lip balms with a lot of additives. It is a good idea to have two on hand. One with a sunscreen for day use and one without sunscreen for night. Also, as our lips dry we tend to lick them more. Don’t.
  5. Moisturise your body after you shower. Dry, flaky skin in winter also affects our body. A couple of simple things you can do is go easy on using hot water when showering. Keep the water temperature warm rather than hot and moisturise your body immediately after getting out of the shower.
  6. Say no to synthetic fibres. Yes synthetic fibres are everywhere but they block your body’s ability to breathe. Stick to natural fibres such as cotton especially when you sleep.
  7. Laser hair removal and sun damage treatments. Winter is a brilliant time to prepare for the coming seasons. A qualified dermal clinician can assist you with laser treatments for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Winter is a perfect time to treat sun damage or book in for a skin brightening treatment. COMPLEX8 moisturisers are perfect post laser treatment moisturisers to treat inflammation, redness and sensitivity whilst hydrating your skin at the cellular level.

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